At Airyo, we boast the most premium-quality of dishwash that stands out in the world of hygiene. It promises to gently sweep out all the dirt and stubborn left-over from your utensils, leaving them as good as new. Our dishwash also contains no harsh chemicals that can hamper the quality of your dishes. With convenient packaging and safe storing stability, our dishwash proves to be a great pick. Choose from diverse sizes of ₹10, 500gm, 700gm as per your convenience.


Our pure steel scrubbers guarantee comprehensive cleaning of your dishes without any inconvenience. They provide the right firmness, strength and durability that most scrubbers may fail to offer. The thickness of the scrubber ensures its longevity along. So, leverage our finest-quality scrubber to scrape off the excess food in your dishes and watch it become as shiny as ever. The comforting grip and easy to clean features are also add-ons to why our scrubber is number one among all others.


At Airyo, we deliver the best quality detergents that are affordable, reliable and effective. Our detergent is made with organic ingredients that help remove stains in a holistic approach. These detergents come in a variety of sizes that vary from 500gm, 1kg to 4kgs. So, no matter how stubborn the stains on your clothes are, our detergents can eliminate them like no other. Watch your clothes transform from dull and shabby to brand-new in a flickering moment with our best detergents.

Liquid Detergent

Our liquid detergents are strong, safe for use and highly effective. You can leverage them at your convenience to ensure maximum cleanliness and hygiene. Our best liquid detergent is now available for 1ltr at the cheapest prices. Get your hands on them now to gear up your cleaning process and enjoy a safe experience at every step of the way.


Our phenyl is produced using premium-quality ingredients that ensure maximum cleanliness of your home. Leverage its power to clean your washroom, bedroom or any other space to leave your home looking as good as new. It comes in a pack of 1ltr that promises to leave an aromatic and fresh new smell throughout your home. So, whether you are looking to host your favourite guests or throw a house party, our magicsal Phenyl is ready to whisk its magic wand right away.